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About Me

I am a mother to two little girls, Jorja and Jazmine. I have always wanted to be a mum so to find out I was pregnant after our honeymoon was a blessing. During my pregnancy I met someone who shared their birth story with me which left me in dread at the thought of giving birth. I was keen to ensure that my experience was different and started to do some research. It was at this point that I came across hypnobirthing and my path to a positive birth experience began.

My husband and I attended a hypnobirthing course as I felt it was important that he was also prepared for the big day. Initially he was doubtful and reluctant to participate but did it in the end because it was important to me. Having his knowledge and support on the day only added to our hypnobirthing journey.

Throughout my pregnancy the testimonials I read did make me question if some of them were fictitious as I doubted whether a birth like those were possible. It was only after the birth of Jorja that I suddenly realised that all these stories were actually true and a birth experience that made you feel like super woman was possible. I had a water birth with Jorja, not because it was part of my birth plan but because the midwife I met just before her shift finished suggested that I try it. It was the most amazing experience and I will treasure it forever.

Being pregnant for the second time, I worried about how it would go and wondered if everything would work out as well as the first. I gave birth to Jazmine on my birthday and in the same pool as Jorja was born in. To have another water birth with no intervention is a testament to the power of the body, mind and hypnobirthing.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher but ended up working in finance. After two positive birth experiences, I've decided I want to help other women prepare themselves for one of the best experiences of their lives, take away any fear or doubt that they may have and give them the tools and techniques to enjoy the wonderful gift that is giving birth.

I am a certified Katherine Graves hypnobirthing practitioner, a qualification which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I am a professional member of the Hypnobirthing Association. My aim is to work with each couple to help them achieve whatever birth plan that is right for them. This includes the use of pain relief and where and how you choose to give birth. 

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