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Hypnobirthing via Zoom

During this global pandemic I haven't been able to teach face to face but my virtual classes have been working really well and one I will continue to offer even after COVID-19. This is also a great option for anyone living outside of London.

Private Course £295 (2 sessions)

Group Course £150 (2 sessions)

Private Course

Private Course


Two private sessions from the comfort of your own home. Suitable for first and second (or third) time parents. 

*Travel costs outside of Surrey will apply

Group Picture

Group Course


Pregnancy can be an expensive time. If you would like to share the experience with friends, I am happy to provide a group course over 2 sessions in the comfort of your own home.


Refresher Course


Private course over 1 sessions for couples who have already done Hypnobirthing but want a refresher before their second (or third) bundle of joy arrives. 

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Relaxation Scripts


The perfect way to relax. With 8 scripts in total, allow your mind to replace any negativity you might feel about birth with beneficial suggestions.  

 A course can be arranged for evenings during the week from 7 pm and weekends at a time that is convenient for you. If you are wondering when should you start Hypnobirthing I would say it is best to give yourself time so you can practice the scripts and techniques, and enjoy the effects on your pregnancy. I would aim to start between 20-29 weeks but if you feel you would rather do it earlier then that is absolutely fine. If you are reading this and only have a few weeks to go, don't worry, this course will still work for you. 


 The course content is as follows.

Session 1

The Effect of Being Observed

Diagram of the Muscles of the Uterus

Practice Sheet

Your Breathing

Visualisations During Surges

'Soften' Relaxation

Stroking Relaxation

Calming Touch

The Magic Carpet

Statements for an Empowering Birth

Colour and Calmness

Short Relaxations

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Perineal Massage

Preventing Tearing

Practice Sheet

Session 2

Birth Partner's Questions

Inducing Labour More Naturally

NICE Guidelines on Induction of Labour

Confidence and Power

Birth Statistics

Practice Sheet


Note to your Midwife

Extra Things to Help You Relax

Early Labour

Established Labour

Birth Proposal

Some Interesting Articles you might like to read

Practice Sheet


What to Pack for Hospital for Mother

What to Pack for Hospital for Father and Baby


CDs and MP3 Downloads

Taking Responsibility for your Birth

World Health Organisation

Each couple will be provided with the following on the course:

The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves

Course Notes

Gorgeous Goodie Bag

Continued support via phone and email up to and after your baby is born

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