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Alcohol and breastfeeding?

As a new mum you may wonder is it ok to have a drink while #breastfeeding 🤔 Wonder no more!! Check out the following from the amazing @the_gp_mum.

🤱🏻So can I drink if I am breastfeeding? YES! The NHS advises an occasional drink is unlikely to harm your baby. The simplest way of looking at it is that the amount of alcohol present in breast milk is exactly the same as the amount in your bloodstream at that time. It takes roughly 1 hour for an average adult to “get rid” of 1 unit of alcohol. So 1 hour after a drink containing 1 unit, there will be minimal/hardly any alcohol present in breast milk too. 🤱🏻What’s the best way to have a drink then? Firstly, you need to know how much alcohol is in your drink. Best to use a handy app such as @drinkaware_trust as you also need to take into account the strength (alcohol by volume). Let’s say your drink has 2.3 units - you could breastfeed, have a drink and wait for 2-3 hours before the next feed. If you have more you will have to wait for longer. 🤱🏻Will pumping and dumping help? It does NOT help to get rid of the alcohol any faster - alcohol will leave the breast milk at the same rate as your bloodstream. It does not get trapped there. However you can’t do anything to change this/speed it up. You may find pumping helps relieve any discomfort in the breasts but this milk won’t be suitable for feeding if you haven’t passed the correct amount of time. You may also express before an event for example to be able to give in the meantime if needed. 🤱🏻Some important points: - Whilst you can have a drink, I obviously have to say that it’s always important to be sensible and know your limits *especially* if you are caring for a little one and ensure another sober adult is present. This is one of the main important issues surrounding drinking whilst breastfeeding. - It’s best/easiest to do this when you have a rough breastfeeding routine. - Avoid sharing a bed if you’ve had a drink.

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