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Are you ok?

This is something very close to my heart and I felt for her in this interview. Living away from Ireland having two children isn’t always easy. Not having that support of your parents, siblings or cousins who all live so close to each other back home. It can be hard and like that not many people do actually ask “are you ok”? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have, a new mum is a new mum at the end of the day and the one thing that I love about being a Mum in London is the support I have got from other mums. The ones who just get it!!!!! The friends I have made in London I am so grateful for and the friends back home in Ireland who I have had forever I am so grateful for. The network of people that I have been lucky to meet through my own business I am also grateful for. The support, the understanding, the’s great. I’m sure and hope Meghan has a circle in London that do support her because that’s important. "Not many people have asked if I'm ok." Are you ok?

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