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Coronavirus Anxiety

Last night I put Jorja to bed, like I always do and I just woke up in her bedroom with my clothes still on from yesterday. The first thing I think about every day is coronavirus and every day I get more and more nervous. It’s all consuming. We are living through a time that we will never forget. Luckily for the kiddies, they will only know it from us telling them about it in years to come. This virus is touching all of us in some way shape or form and that’s really scary. Everyone on this planet today knows about COVID-19. I spend most of my time with my girls kissing their faces. I can’t help myself. I love them with all my heart. I’m called the kissy monster in this house. But now I can’t do that. I have to kiss them on the head instead. These are precautions we have to take although I will admit I’m failing at it miserably 😝

There is an elderly lady that lives on our street. I’ve never spoke to her before but I knocked on her door earlier this week to see if she’s ok. Her care worker is in self isolation and has no one visiting her. Today I’m going to knock on her door again to see if she needs anything.

Let’s come together and virtually hold hands through this. Together we will be stronger.

I am now closed for business until further notice but will continue to be present on here. My events with Mamas & Papas and John Lewis are all cancelled but I look forward to them later this year.

Please stay safe. Take this seriously. Follow the guidelines that are out there and keep smiling.

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