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Have you packed your HOSPITAL BAG?

Here are a few tips. 👜 Have your birth partner pack the bag. The reason being, you will be too busy in labour to get anything out of the bag so it’s important they know exactly where everything is when you need something 👜 Have you packed snacks and a drink with a straw? It is important that you continue to take in liquids throughout the birthing process. Drinking from a straw is better so you can drink from any position you may be in. Water is good, juice is good too as the sugar can give you some much needed energy. While that’s all important, it’s even more important that you take regular trips to the bathroom to pee. The hormones you produce when in labour can mask the fact that you need to pee!! So it’s a HOT TIP for your BIRTH PARTNER, to remind you to take a trip to the loo in between contractions. Why?? 🍹Contractions can be more comfortable as it takes away any pressure around the bladder 🍹Makes more room for the baby to descend down the birth canal 🍹Less likely to require a catheter . What about FOOD and SNACKS? Most women naturally lose their appetite when in active labour. The digestive system uses a great deal of energy, which during labour is best diverted to the business of birthing. It is important to eat plenty of healthy, high energy food in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Some women do feel hungry during labour but find they can only eat very small amounts. Snacks in the bag are good to keep up your energy even if it is just a nibble here and there.

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