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Hot or Cold Compress

When I was in labour with Jorja one of the things I clearly remember was when the midwife put a cool facecloth on my forehead. It felt so good. Another thing she did which was lovely was she ran the cold tap over a towel and lay it over my neck and shoulders. I just remember it feeling so nice and relaxing. In the later stages of labour your body will get warmer and so this cool compress can feel really good. Conversely, heat can also be very soothing. Gently heat encourages blood flow and relaxation of muscles which of course is beneficial in labour. The use of hot or cold all depends on how you are feeling. Obviously if you are feeling chilled a cold compress should not be used but these are good little tricks for your birth partner to have in their back pocket for when you are in labour. Can we take a moment to appreciate this picture from @sarahholroydhill. If you are expecting for the second time it can be stressful worrying about your first born when you go into labour. I know it’s something I thought of a lot. Have any of you had your child with you when in labour with your second or third child? Share your stories below 👇🏻.

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