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Hypnobirthing Dad

Has anyone else watched this video which is now viral or seen the interview on Good Morning Britain?

Anyone else annoyed with @piersmorgan and his use of words as he refers to labour as “gruelling” and “very painful”. 🤯

This is a huge problem with people like @piersmorgan insinuating that birth is a traumatic experience!!! @piersmorgan also went on to say that the Dad (Kendall Caver) was making it all about him!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Personally I think this Dad is amazing. He is encouraging his wife in the best way that any Dad can. He is reminding her to breathe, such a key technique when in labour. He is making her laugh which stimulates oxytocin, a key hormone when in labour. And he is reminding her to be fearless. Fear inhibits the normal efficient functioning of the body and in my hypnobirthing classes I work with each couple to release this fear so they are free to give birth more comfortably and efficiently. Kendall mentioned in the interview that he didn’t know how to help his wife when she went into labour and so created a flip chart hoping to be useful. He did all the right things that I encourage any birth partner to do during my hypnobirthing courses which I teach in London. Ok, I don’t talk about bringing in a flip chart but I do talk about 🗣 Use of words in labour 💖 Oxytocin which is the hormone of love stimulated from touch and laughter ❌ Not being afraid

Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. For more information on hypnobirthing please visit 📹

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