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Hypnobirthing & Me Event

Another day another Hypnobirthing & Me Event with @mamasandpapas @westfieldlondon. Today we talked about what is Hypnobirthing and how it can make a difference to your birth experience. . There are so many times I speak to mums and they say the one thing they wished they had done was Hypnobirthing. I get it though, it’s such an exciting time and you want everything to be perfect for when baby arrives. But it’s a big event, for you and your birth partner. Invest in you. . Hypnobirthing is Knowledge Knowledge is Power A positive birth experience is being prepared, informed, knowing your options and being supported by those around you for the choices you make in pregnancy and labour. Having the information, tools and techniques that we talk about on the course means getting as close as possible to the birth you want. . Why not get in touch to chat some more. Link in bio to Contact Me page or feel free to DM me here 😘

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