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I am so excited to share more details around our upcoming Instagram Live session. I will be speaking with Sophie Brigstocke, Director and Course Facilitator @nurturing_birth. Nurturing Birth has been providing doula training courses in the UK and beyond since 2004, starting the journeys and supporting the development of over 3000 doulas. Since the start of 2014 Nurturing Birth has been owned and run by Sophie Brigstocke, an experienced birth and postnatal doula, who has been facilitating the doula courses for over 7 years. Sophie is supported by an incredible team of doulas, mentors and professionals in the pregnancy, birth and parenting worlds. Sophie is an amazing woman so I am over the moon for you guys to get to know her more. Sophie is a birth and postnatal doula, Doula Mentor, Breastfeeding Supporter and Baby Massage Teacher. She was awarded “Doula of the Year” at MaMa Conference, 2017. Come join us and say hi on Tuesday 3rd March, 9pm.

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