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Lockdown....and the start of a new week.

Last week was really tough. For those of you who have followed me for a while or done a hypnobirthing course with me will be familiar with me saying, the skills you learn during the course can be used in every day life.

I work really well. I parent really well. BUT, put the two together, it’s almost an impossible task, and something is bound to suffer. That’s what was happening last week but I think it was me who suffered the most. Mentally I felt challenged by it all and having been through labour and birth twice, I know mentally I’m strong!

For labour you need to be:

🌈 Mentally prepared. Was I mentally prepared for the lockdown. NO!! None of us were. I’ve had to remind myself that it’s not possible to do it all, but I have a.....

🌈 Choice. We always have a choice. My choice is to prioritise what is important to me and that is the family. Keep them safe and make them feel loved. Give them the time they need and try to juggle the rest as best I can.

🌈 Physically you need to be strong for labour. The last few weeks I’ve hardly been outside the house. So yesterday I went for a run/walk (definitely more of a walk than a run, let’s be honest here 🤪) by myself for 30 mins and it felt good. I’m going to try to do this every day. Exercise is important.

🌈 Breathing is key in labour. The same goes for now. When I start to feel anxious or down, I’m going to remember what I preach to all of you and I’m going to take a time out just to breathe.

🌈 Positivity. I dread when this is all over and I look back and think I didn’t do enough with the kids or give them enough time because I concentrated on the wrong things, whether that’s work or the house, whatever it is. No regrets.

🌈 Music. Having a playlist in labour is a great way to stimulate oxytocin. We love putting on music and dancing around the kitchen with the girls.

It certainly is a balancing act. One I’m going to smash and so will all of you. Whether you’re reading this as you prepare to welcome your baby or you too are at home with the kids. Be kind to yourselves.

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