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Mum Bod

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

*MUM BOD* Shout out to @beauandblake for this special shot. You might remember seeing my stories a few weeks ago about body image and how it impacts people in different ways. For me, I can totally relate. “When people say - oh you’re so skinny and toned, how are you back in your jeans already!? Do you even eat (which girl I DO 🍩🍫🍪🥂) You don’t look like you’ve had a baby! It’s so rude! 😂!! But guess what, I did make a baby and I have the squishiest jelly belly (for me) which I LOVE duuuh!. A lovely shrine to what my body is capable of! May I also add my boobs are now non existent because my baby ate them 😂 🍼 So yes I may fit my pre baby jeans, look toned cause a girl can pose, but this bod is 100% mum bod regardless!! 💪🏽”

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