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P is for Pelvic Floor

First up - what exactly is a women’s health physio and how can they help you? * Clare says: “Women’s health physios (or pelvic health physios) are widely available on the NHS or privately to help women with a variety of symptoms - often the ones we don’t want to talk about. The most common is urinary incontinence (or leaking) after childbirth but it can occur at any time in a woman’s life. Urinary leakage encompasses varying degrees of severity. Is it something to be ignored? Absolutely not. Think about it this way - if you were a runner and had knee pain, would you stop running and ask for help? I’d say most of us would. The same should apply to urinary leakage. It is your body communicating that it needs some help. * Everyone talks about pelvic floor exercises but a large number of women don’t know how to do them properly. Understandably lots give up thinking they don’t work, however this is where a women’s health physio comes in. An internal vaginal examination of the pelvic floor can really help you to learn how to do the exercises correctly, give you a tailored programme (more than the odd squeeze here and there!) and like many personal training programmes, you can get great results and even full continence. * So...if you have symptoms please speak to your GP, tell them you have incontinence and would like to see a women’s health physio. If you can fund this privately or have insurance you can find one on the @squeezyapp.”

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