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Pregnant in Summer

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Wow ladies it’s hot ☀️ I came across these hot tips from @the_mother_boxrecently and wanted to share. . 💧keep hydrated! Obvious we know, but it's amazing how many of us don't drink enough. Keep bottles of water in the freezer, and take them out with you when you are out and about. Can be used as a cooling ice block and also ensure a cold drink as they slowly melt. . 🥒When at home, make a huge jug of fruit water! Think Pimms, without the Pimms! Put lemon, orange, strawberry, cucumber and mint in a big jug and cover with water- keep refilling with water throughout the day for a tasty cooling drink. Keep in the fridge to keep it chilled. . 💦Make some cooling spritz sprays- get some cheap spray bottles and make a refreshing lavender face spritz by adding 3 drops lavender and fill with water. Give it a good shake and spray on your face and neck to cool you down.👣make a cooling peppermint foot spray the same way to ease swollen hot feet! . 👚wear loose Cotten clothing where possible to allow skin to breathe, and keep cool. . 🛁A bath with lavender and sweet orange oil will be refreshing and uplifting- add 3 drops of each oil to a little bit of milk(to disperse the oil) and add to a cool bath. If your hands and feet are very swollen try putting a 3 drops of lavender into a bowl of water and soaking feet and then hands for a few minutes, lavender has anti inflammatory properties and will help ease the swelling. . 💧avoid too much salt as this can cause water retention. . 💧if it all gets too much, bring in the lavender flannel! Get a flannel, Soak it in cold water, add 3 drops of lavender, wring it out, rest with feet up and place the lavender flannel on your forehead, neck, over your face, on your tum- anywhere that needs cooling and breathe deeply- if you have a little helper to hand, get them to cool the flannel down again, once it warms up. . 🍇🍉pop watery fruits such as grapes and melon in the freezer, then snack on them throughout the day- they make delicious healthy cooling treats.

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