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Sleeping baby

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Good Morning.....look at this little face 💖I’m sharing her face instead of mine because I couldn’t possibly share after being up 7 times in the night, yes 7 times 😴 3 times with her sister, 3 feeds for this little one and once for Daddy Z. Why for Daddy you ask? Because I locked him out, by accident of course, by leaving my keys in the lock on the inside. 😳 Its ok though, it’s Friday. Not that that makes any difference to a mum at home with a baba but it’s good to have Daddy and Jorja around for the next two days for some family fun. Then it’s off to Ireland next week for a family wedding and Jorja is flower girl 🌸 My heart.....she will be fab. I’m just hoping she walks up the aisle 🤞🏻

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