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The hormone of love

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Oxytocin. The hormone of love. . 💞The word oxytocin is derived from the Greek words ‘okus’ and ‘tokos’ meaning quick childbirth . 💞The production of oxytocin leads to feelings of calm, well being, patience, lower blood pressure, better digestion and better healing. It also helps mothers to cope better with the challenges of early motherhood . 💞During pregnancy levels are low but increase towards the end of the last trimester. High levels of oestrogen at the end of pregnancy increase the number of oxytocin receptors in the mother’s brain in readiness to promote maternal behaviour . 💞It is the pulsating release of oxytocin which assists the muscles of the uterus to work effectively during labour. This will continue throughout labour as long as the mother is not disturbed . 💞During labour, oxytocin receptors are on high alert. When a mother enters second stage of labour, and the baby begins to press down into the birth canal, the receptors there sends a new wave of signals which trigger another surge of oxytocin . 💞As well as the physical effects, oxytocin helps a mother get into the zone allowing her body to take control . 💞At the moment of birth a mother will experience a higher level of oxytocin in her body than any other time . 💞Oxytocin will send a trigger to the brain following birth to begin producing milk and at the same time triggering the uterus to start to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size and shape and hence release the placenta . 💞There is a high concentrate of oxytocin receptors in the skin of your chest so skin to skin after baby is born is a brilliant way to stimulate the production of this amazing hormone . 💞During this time (often referred to as the golden hour) it is important where possible that mother and baby are left undisturbed and the room is nice and warm as being cold can inhibit the production of oxytocin . 💞Any disturbance, interference or over stimulation of the neocortex can slow down or stop the production of oxytocin . 💞Interventions in labour has the same effect but during the course I will give you the tools which will enable you to manage this perfectly

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