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The power of the mind

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

In Session 1 of my hypnobirthing course, we discuss the power of the mind. The mind is very powerful. When it comes to giving birth, it is the unconscious mind that is the powerful bit. The thoughts you put in your brain, get processed by the unconscious and have an effect on our bodies. Shut the negatives out of your lives completely. Negative birth stories are harmful. You cannot feel two opposite emotions at any one given time: Relaxation v Tension/Stress. This applies greatly to hypnobirthing to calm fear and stress. You cannot have a positive and a negative view of birth at the same time. Consider how this can be applied to relaxing muscles and softening and opening the cervix and birth canal. Bypassing the critical faculty and directly addressing the unconscious where the imagination resides is most rapidly and easily achieved by hypnosis. In session 1, we also talk about the muscles of the uterus which I think drives all of this home. Food for thought (thanks @annebayati_hypnotherapy) The story goes that there are two wolves within your mind; one is the positive wolf, the other a negative one. These two wolves within your mind are continually doing battle. The wolf who wins is the one which you feed. If you feed the negative thoughts, these will become more powerful and will control how you think, feel and subsequently behave. Today, notice when you are thinking negatively and instantly change it for a more positive thought. The more you feed the positive, this will become the more powerful.

Just give it a go, the more you do it, the easier and more natural it will become.

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