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U is for Uterus

I guess I’m just the type of person who needs to understand the detail before I really get it. Who’s with me? When I did hypnobirthing when pregnant with Jorja, the most powerful part for me was the knowledge I gained about the physiology of birth and I left with a feeling of being empowered to give birth to my baby. Two things really helped me through labour being a hypnobirthing mum, the first was understanding the muscles of the uterus. The second being hormones and the impact they have on my body when in labour. The body is just incredible. Here’s the facts: ⠀⠀ In the uterus there are muscle fibres that hold the baby in (circular fibres) and muscle fibres that help the baby out (longitudinal fibres). When we understand the way in which the uterus functions when fear is not present, then the concept of an easier, more comfortable birth becomes logical, clear and more attainable. Put simply, the uterus is made up of layers of muscles and, like all other muscles in the body, works more efficiently and comfortably when tension is not present. There is a complex dance of interaction of muscle fibres that create space for the baby to be born. People underestimate the power of the muscles holding a baby in for 9 months. These muscles are about a third the thickness of the baby’s head. These muscles move up towards the top of the uterus and actually help move the baby down. Once the mother is relaxed to allow this process, it works beautifully. ⠀⠀ Have you considered a Hypnobirthing course? It's not all relaxation techniques and breathing, it's a full antenatal programme designed to prepare you for a positive birth.

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