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Water Birth - what are the benefits?

I never planned a WATER BIRTH, I certainly didn’t plan to birth both my girls in water. The idea initially seemed really odd but once I was in there I didn’t want to get out. As soon as I entered that warm water, I felt my body instinctively relaxed and we all know how beneficial being relaxed during labour is to the muscles of the uterus. 🔑 Research shows women who have water births have drug free births. For me I tried gas and air at one point when in labour with Jorja but the breathing technique was different to what I had been doing. In the second stage of labour at that point I decided just to keep going without it. . The benefits to a woman in labour in water are: . 🛁 Increases privacy and there is an argument to say it may also be a subconscious symbol of a womb like environment. . 🛁 Provides significant pain relief. . 🛁 Reduces the need for drugs and interventions. . 🛁 Encourages a woman’s sense of control in labour. . 🛁 Facilitates mobility and enables a woman to adopt optimal positions for an active birth. . 🛁 Speeds up labour. . 🛁 Promotes relaxation and conserves energy. . 🛁 Helps to reduce tearing. . 🛁 Is rated highly by mothers and midwives. . 🛁 Encourages an easier birth for the mum and a gentler welcome for the baby. . I’ve had two water births so I have nothing to compare it to but it is believed that when using water, the contractions become more efficient and more manageable, making birth a more positive experience. .

Are you planning a water birth? Have you had one in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below 👇🏻 Any questions for me, please get in touch.

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