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Who am I?

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Hi Everyone, I've had quite a few new followers recently which is really nice and so I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself again. My name is Elida and I am a mother to two little girls, Jorja and Jazmine. I have always wanted to be a mum, so to find out I was pregnant after our honeymoon, was a blessing. At 5 months pregnant, a mum I met shared her birth story with me which left me in dread at the thought of giving birth. Luckily for me, another mum I met told me about her hypnobirthing journey and was adamant that I try it. I thought what have I to lose, and I started to do some research and booked us onto a hypnobirthing course. I felt it was important that my husband came too so he was also prepared for the big day. Like any man, he was doubtful and did it only because it was important to me. Looking back now we can both see the benefit of attending the course together. It not only made me feel completely in control of my options but also gave my husband the confidence to support me and not feel completely useless at a time when I needed him most.

I had a water birth with Jorja, not because it was part of my birth plan but because the midwife I met just before her shift finished suggested that I try it. It was the most amazing experience and I will treasure it forever.

Being pregnant for the second time, I worried about how it would go and wondered if everything would work out as well as the first. I went back to the techniques I learned on my hypnobirthing course and immediately started to feel more confident about the task ahead. Jazmine was born on my birthday, another water birth. The experiences that I have had is a true testament to the power of the body, mind and hypnobirthing. Second babies come quick, but I found it hard at how quick she wanted to come into the world. Having my husband there by my side reminding me of everything we had learned was my saving grace.

My aim is to work with each couple to help them achieve whatever birth plan that is right for them. This includes the use of pain relief and where and how you choose to give birth. xx

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