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Woman Goes Into Labour On London Tube

When it comes to thinking about what to put on your birthing plan, we’re pretty sure not many women will write down giving birth on a busy tube in front of strangers.

However, the wonders of human nature strikes again, as one brave mother went into labour on a train at Baker Street in London last Friday (October 11th), proving that we really have no control about when labour will occur.

A Transport for London (TFL) noticeboard read: “Eastbound Metropolitan Line service is suspended owing to a customer giving birth at Baker Street.”

According to the BBC, it all kicked off at 13:00 when a woman went into full active labour in a carriage.

The London Ambulance Service was reserved about what they revealed, saying: “We treated a woman at the scene and took her to hospital.”

However, it didn’t take long before fellow passengers spread the news on social media. One such commuter, Aaliyah, took to Twitter to say: “So my train got terminated, I walk past it and a lady is giving birth in one of the carriages, hows your day been? [sic].”

Ryan Lomas also wrote on the social network: “London still amazes me daily, just seen someone giving birth on the tube.”

Before you panic that your unborn baby will appear at any time, this is just the fourth occurrence of childbirth on the tube since 1863, the Metro revealed.

This will be a relief to expectant mothers who want to have a peaceful, natural labour. To find out more about how to plan for your baby’s arrival, why not consider hypnobirthing classes in London?

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