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Induction Birth Story

We went in for an outpatient induction on 30th Dec at 9am, and had the pessary put in. Once that was done we were then allowed to go home. We decided to take a trip Windsor and do some shopping, and at 3pm when having lunch and after lots of walking my first twinges started. By 5pm the contractions started and were quiet strong already. At 7pm my pessary came out with loads of my show. We had to go back in for another one to be fitted. At that point they wanted to keep me in but we signed a self discharge form and came home and listend to some of my playlists doing our breathing and also watched lee evens. Anyway about 10pm my pessary came out again so had to go back in and have another one fitted, they told me I had to stay again so at this point I did and they gave me and Harry a private room for the night and at this point the contractions really ramped up, they were so strong. The pessary came out again with more show so another one was put in. So I was contracting all night breathing through them. They were very close together and so strong, which I think may have be due to all them pessarys I had as it was fresh hormones going in every time.

They checked me about 7:30am and I was only 2cm. I was like how on earth can that be as they were so strong.

Anyway my waters (not much water just wet knickers) went and the midwife noticed she had pooed. So they took me up to the delivery suite to have us monitored. They wanted to break the rest of my waters but went to and they had already gone. I feel like they were trickling on the lead up to it. Then within half an hour I was 4cm dilated. So time ticked on and on they checked again and I was still only 4cm. Arghhhh. Then my contractions slowed down so had to have the drip, with that I opted for the epidural as I was so tired by this point. I think this was around 4-6pm the epidural took 1 hour and half as my back had scar tissue in. That was the worst bit. So once the drip started my temp kept going up and Ivy's heart base line was slowing going up and up. They said could be an infection and they gave me two options. 

We stopped the drip and had iv antibiotics to see if my temp goes down and Ivy's base line comes back down or go straight for c section. We tried the antibiotics first but it didn’t help. It was just getting worse so that’s when we had no option apart from a c section. We were also running out of time as she had pooed so they need to get them out in a time limit. 


She was also back to back and they said that’s why it could of been worse and her head wasn’t in the correct position to push down enough to make me dilate. 

Anyway it was all good in the end and so worth it. She’s a delight. 

We are so glad we did your course because we knew everything that was thrown at us. Harry was unreal!!!! So lush. Also we had skin to skin and delayed cord clamping so I still got everything we wanted.

She was born on 31st at 10:25pm

Becky x

Positive Birth Story










Positive Induction Birth Story

I just wanted to let you know how I got on. Was given propus to start induction Monday night at 10pm. Started labour at 7am Tuesday. Progressed quickly to 3cm and was brought to delivery room. Progress stopped and there was talk of a section. Got the epidural then.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Things progressed quickly and she was born naturally at 5.51pm on Tuesday evening the 18th January. We called her Ella. Thank you so much for your help again. You really put my mind at ease before the birth.⠀⠀⠀⠀
We as women don’t give ourselves enough credit at all. I got the epidural and a top up but it was wearing off when she was being born so I felt the pushing but really helped get her out. Only 20 minutes of pushing in the end and a small episiotomy when they had been talking assisted delivery and section the whole time. Was the best possible outcome 😊 I'm delighted with how it went. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Going home tomorrow I'd say all going well and seriously thank you for all your help. I had worked myself up to an awful mess before your help. I really cant thank you enough xx⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I'm delighted and we have our beautiful little addition to our family ❤


Hypnobirthing Dad

Extremely happy we chose to do hypnobirthing and extremely happy we had Elida as a teacher. The course was not only really informative but really interesting as well, I feel that we got so much value from the course. As a birthing partner I enjoyed being part of the whole experience and felt it was definitely aimed at both of us. It was also great to pick Elida’s brains on anything to do with birth as she has a vast knowledge and is really easy to talk to. The course has definitely armed us with the tools to achieve a positive birth experience what ever path the birth takes.
I would highly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone especially if you may be nervous about things and especially if you are a dad who is worried about what you can do to help your partner in labour.



Positive Induction

I had one of the most amazing experiences with the lovely Elida. Elida has such a warm and welcoming personality Due to time constraints, Elida was able to accommodate my needs by doing a 1 day crash course. In that session I learnt so much which led to me having a positive induction experience, with no pain relief apart from gas and air when it was time to push. I found the breathing techniques very useful and even when at times I lost control (as you do giving birth lol), I found that I was able to always bring myself back in the zone. I would highly recommend Hypnobirthing & Me and may I add, this is my 3rd child so it's definitely useful no matter the number of children you may or may not already have. xx



Thank You

Thank you for all your help throughout, really couldn't have made it through without you being on the other end of the phone, above and beyond, totally in love with this little thing x












My Epic Birth Story

Hypnobirthing helped me overcome a lot of anxiety about giving birth. It was an epic journey of labour, that’s what I tell everyone. My labour lasted 5 days in all. My birth plan was to have a water birth but my body didn’t have a natural go at this as I had to be induced. I was told two weeks before my due date that the amniotic fluid was low and they wanted to induce straight away. Due to the information I was armed with during my hypnobirthing classes I asked the doctor what my options were, knowing that I was able to ask that question I opted with being monitored instead of going straight for an induction so I could have a go at a natural birth. After a week the baby was doing fine but the fluid was decreasing so we decided to start the process as there was risk of brain damage and still birth so it wasn’t about me anymore. It was about getting our baby into the world safe!

My husband and I started using the hypnobirthing methods immediately, with him reading me some relaxations before we went into the hospital to start the induction. The journey first began with pessary, I could handle these contractions and I thought this is fine my body is starting to do something. 24hours and nothing. Next step is the gel. The gel was much more intense. I used gas and air for this stage and was in a bath, at this point I was praying that my cervix was softening but after 48 hours it hadn’t.

My husband was guiding me  the whole way through each stage. We did relaxations and he kept reciting my affirmations to me, preparing me mentally to get through each stage. It was tough, he was my rock.

The next stage after the gel is the balloon. This is to open the cervix so they can get in and break my waters. This was the fourth day. Again Liam helped me relax and get into the zone, I was ready! The midwife then examined me and did a sweep and told me I didn’t need the balloon, I was dilated just enough to have my waters broken. I was so happy my body did something! Next we waited for the labour ward and the next stage is the oxytocin drip so we opted to have the epidural as the midwives had seen the pain I went through with the gel and we decided I’d been through enough, it was time to get all the help on offer. Again Liam helped me get into the zone with another relaxation and I read my make shift book of affirmations and I was ready, bring it on! We pumped our favourite band through our speaker and soon it was all over. It was one step closer to meeting our baby.

It got to 2am in the morning on the 5th day and I was examined by the doctor to be told my baby’s heart rate had slowed down a lot and they needed to get it out so offered me a caesarean. Well!!! I quickly said where do I sign and we headed to theatre. I was so happy, I didn’t get annoyed about not being able to birth my baby naturally although I was worried something was seriously wrong. It got to 2:58am and the blue sheet lowered and we seen our beautiful baby. We didn’t know the sex and still didn’t with the cord between its’s a, it’s A Girl?! Holy moly I cried my husband cried. They took her to the side to check and everything was fine and then she was put on my chest. She’s perfect! What a relief! I don’t know how I could have done it without hypnobirthing, even though I had a c-section in the end and it was fine. I recovered quickly and I’m starting to workout slowly again after 8weeks as I’ll be back to work around November time.


Positive Planned C-Section

I had a really good birth experience. Having a planned section most definitely helped me as I just love being prepared in every way possible. The fasting for 8 hours beforehand was a struggle for me and nearly the worst part of it all being honest! All the nurses and midwives were so helpful and accommodating in every way, so supportive and talked me through everything that they were doing and why. Hypnobirthing is about having a positive birth experience and I didn't think having a cesarean would allow me to do that - but it did. Understanding what hypnobirthing is about before giving birth definitely encouraged me to ask questions. Being in the know and understanding what's going on is definitely a big contributor to staying calm and in control.

Ciara x

Hypnobirthing Dad

As a husband and birth partner, I was perhaps a little unsure how beneficial a Hypnobirthing course might be – my pre-conception was this was very much aimed at the more spiritual amongst us. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The course is wholly centred on preparing both you and your partner for birth – a brilliant means of really fortifying that it’s a natural process and getting far more comfortable of what’s about to come. Elida herself is just brilliant, a calming, practical and genuinely all round pleasure to be around; her support isn’t just within the sessions itself, she makes herself available all the time. I definitely feel that as a birth partner, I’m completely prepared to support my wife as she goes into labour. For first time parents, I would strongly urge they complete a course with Elida, Hypnobirthing and Me.

Harry, London

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